How To Gift A Kindle eBook In 5 Easy Steps

Today, a friend asked me how to gift my Kindle eBook, Barty's Secret, to her great grandsons. It's a great question and this isn't the first time I've been asked this as an author. Hopefully these instructions will help others wanting to know how to give digital books too.

Amazon makes gifting eBooks simple to do by providing a “Give As A Gift” button right under the buy button. Once you hit that you simply enter the recipients email and they're sent a link to the book and can download it to their Kindle library.

That simple!

Here are the steps in a little more detail for those who don't yet have Amazon or Kindle accounts and want to gift books or get kids started reading eBooks who haven't yet got accounts.

Barty's Secret by S.M. Helbig on Amazon "Give As A Gift" eBook


How to gift a Kindle eBook in 5 easy steps

1. Log into your Amazon account

Register one if you don't have so you can purchase and download eBooks on Amazon Kindle
2. Go to the Kindle eBook URL address link on Amazon

It will look something like this one for Barty's Secret: )

3. Click the “Give As A Gift” button under the buy button

Give As A Gift button
4. Enter the person's email you are gifting the book to and complete the transaction.

This is your work done!

5. The recipient gets the gift link by email and redeems it to read in the Kindle app

Once they redeem the book via the email it downloads directly on their device to read.


What if they don't have the Kindle App or an Amazon Account?

To begin reading Kindle eBooks they will need to:

1. Set up an account on Amazon

Save the password and email for logging in on Kindle

2. Download the Kindle App to the device of their choice

This could be an iPad, computer (PC/laptop), smart phone, tablet, iPad, Kindle eReader. The Kindle app is downloadable from all app stores on these devices.

3. Open the Kindle App and Log into their Amazon account through it

Kindle eBooks are read in a downloaded Kindle app on any electronic device which the reader links to their Amazon account

4. Open the gift eBook email and redeem the book using their Amazon account

The gifted eBook will automatically download to the Kindle app for reading when they open it next!


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Barty’s Secret: Australian Outback Animal Adventure Novel #1 by S.M. Helbig

A very real and special childhood memory inspired the writing of Barty's Secret: Australian Outback Animal Adventure Novel #1.

*Spoiler Alert* Don't read on if you haven't read Barty's Secret yet! You can check it out here first:

Barty's Secret

Barty's Secret on Amazon


Now back to the real-life-story behind Barty's Secret (along with the inevitable spoilers).

The shingleback called Barty in the story is named after my very own Barty whom I met in real life.

While, the story Barty is not the same as my real life Barty, there are a lot of similarities. Many of the ideas in the story come directly from my childhood memory. There is nothing like meeting a wild shingleback and making friends with one. It's the most amazing feeling.

In real life, Barty (Batholemew) was my greatest wild animal love ever. Real-life-Barty was a shingleback just like the Barty in this story. In Australia, shinglebacks are also known as bobtails or sleepy lizards.

My real-life Barty lived in my dad's veggie patch (vegetable garden) when we lived in Broken Hill. Broken Hill is a mining town in the arid interior of outback Australia. It's a rocky, dry land where not much but salt bushes and desert plants grow and where the wildlife is used to the harsh weather. It was common to see snakes and lizards there as well as many kinds of kangaroos, particularly big reds roos.

As a kid, I loved eating dinner on the back lawn and one day when I was doing this, the very real and very wild Barty crawled out and tapped my leg and wanted food. Real-life-Barty had come over for some sweet treats! I hand fed Barty tomatoes and strawberries. We were good mates from that day on and it was lovely because Barty the wild lizard chose to connect with me and allow me to hold him/her.

Here is a photo of the real-life Barty.

The real Barty who inspired the story Barty's Secret: An Australian Outback Animal Adventure.
The real Barty who inspired the story Barty's Secret: An Australian Outback Animal Adventure by S.M. Helbig.

I never found out if the real-life-Barty was a he or she. That didn't matter to me. One day the real-life-Barty disappeared but never returned. I always wondered what happened to him/her!

So, while you can see my childhood memory inspired the story, most of the story is entirely fictional. I've camped in national parks in the outback but never lived in one as a Wildlife Officer's kid. I also don't have a brother called Max and nor am I called Tali. 😉

I don't have video of the real Barty but here  is an amazing video that shows exactly how I used to feed him/her and how Tali does in the story too. In this video you'll see a shingleback from Perth, Western Australia, where they're called bobtails.


Barty's Secret was first published by Ginninderra Press in their Secrets anthology in 2006.

You can get the story Barty's Secret: An Australian Outback Animal Adventure Novel at most online book retailers. Here's the Amazon link again.

Barty's Secret: An Australian Outback Animal Adventure Novel

Barty's Secret

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The complete Billy Boss Whodunit detective series by S.M. Helbig is now live and available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and most other major eBooks sellers!

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The Cricket Tier – A Different View On The World Of Cricket

It is always great to connect with a cricket fan (every single one of you!) but today I want to spotlight massive cricket fan and blogger Ian Thornton who covers all things cricket over at The Cricket Tier.

Check his blog out for a lovely perspective on cricket matches across the world.

Check out his tribute to Richie Benaud: The Voice That Changed Cricket.

The Cricket Tier Website

The Cricket Tier on Twitter

The Cricket Tier on Facebook

The Cricket Tier





Throwing is Not Bowling!

Throwing Is Not Bowling!

In my series Street Cricket Wars the fact that throwing is not bowling becomes a pivotal issue to the plot.

Every cricketer, from young to old, knows that in cricket, throwing is not bowling. That is, they should know if they're worth anything on the field. But the fact is the worst cheats often walk the line of throwing/bowling to see what they can get away with.

In Street Cricket Wars the odds are totally against Fred Black to clear his name when the local umpire allows Fred’s arch nemesis to get away with illegal throwing even though every cricketer knows throwing is not bowling!

The Facts on Throwing vs Bowling

Basically, the difference  between throwing and bowling is that in throwing  the arm is bent whereas in bowling the arm must remain straight.

If it seems there is a fine line between throwing and bowling, it is only that bowlers are running so fast and turning their arm so quickly that the naked eye sometimes cannot discern the difference.

You can see the difference here clearly illustrated between throwing and bowling in this 1960s doco on this topic. Yes, the fine line between throwing and bowling has been an issue for over half a century at least. Probably longer!

It's Harder To Cheat Today In Cricket But That Doesn't Stop People

Since the introduction of cameras and video recording cricket games  throwing versus bowling has become less of an issue.  Particularly since the third umpire became involved. If you don’t know what the third umpire is, if the electronic video umpire.  Bowlers that once got away with throwing in the past, would stand no chance in 20th century cricket.

However, in backyard cricket, street cricket, even school or local cricket where there is no “third umpire” cheat-bowling is still an issue.

Winning Back the Ashes The Complete Series #1-5

Throwing vs Bowling in S.M. Helbig's Street Cricket Wars

In my series Street Cricket Wars, Fred is unlucky and faces a cheat bowler plus an incompetent umpire at the very moment he is batting for the most important things in his life.

The cricket matches are played on the street with a big green wheelie bin as the wickets and a neighbour as the only umpire.  Fred is in an uphill battle with everything at stake. Things look bleak  and it seems that he will not be able to win the match.  It will take him his team of his younger brothers and best mate Todd, playing the best cricket they have ever played in  their lives if  the rest of Fred’s school life isn’t going to be worse than miserable.

Winning Back The Ashes by S.M. Helbig

If you like backyard cricket,  of spending a summer day with your mates protecting a makeshift wicket  then my  Street Cricket Wars series may be just up your alley. It’s a book for cricket lovers of all ages and would be perfect father-son reading if you’re looking for a  cricket story to curl up with in winter.

Reading Age: 8 and up

Featuring  five short episodes, each episode can be read in under an hour.

The books are currently only available to read electronically and are most easily read on your Kindle or iPad on the Kindle app, also through iTunes in iBooks plus Kobo too!

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