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Hi there,

I’m S.M. Helbig, the author of the Street Cricket Wars series and the Billy Boss Whodunit Series.

Thanks so much for checking out my website!  I created this site  to give my readers the opportunity to say hello and find out more about the background to my stories, as well as pass  on a free story that is exclusive to this site. That means it is not available anywhere else. I wrote it especially for loyal fans who want my newsletter to stay up to date with new book releases! So if you signed up then I wrote it for you! 🙂

Now, a bit about me…

I grew up in Australia playing tippy-run cricket in the backyard with my brother and sister and French-cricket with my Mum and Dad. When we got older we progressed to street cricket and used the wheelie bins for wickets and had to make up good out-of-bounds rules to protect the windows of the neighbours from being hit by flying balls.

We had a lot of fun playing street cricket, and there were some street cricket wars too.

Ontop of that, there was always the dreaded visit of the Phantom Bogger to the bathroom and no one would ever admit who had done such a big one the toilet wouldn't flush anymore!

Both of these childhood memories inspired me to write Street Cricket Wars which is a short story series about Fred Black's experiences of friendship, bullying and sport. They also inspired me to write the Billy Boss Whodunit series where Billy – the kid 😉 – becomes a self made detective and has to work out who the Phantom Bogger is so he can save his nose and household from running late to school.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy batting and sleuthing!

– S.M. Helbig

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