Billy Boss Whodunit Series

The Billy Boss Whodunit Series 

The Phantom Bogger: Billy Boss Whodunit #1

Billy Boss Whodunit 1 - The Phantom Bogger by S.M.Helbig

The Phantom Bogger by S.M. Helbig

A poop blocks the toilet. Billy needs to pee. The Phantom Bogger strikes again. Can Billy, the budding detective, catch the poop-criminal before he wets his pants? One thing’s for sure – there’s no way he’s going to pee on that poop! He’d rather wet his pants than do that. The problem is, no one in the Boss House is confessing to the crime. Will Billy catch The Phantom Bogger and force them to clean up the mess before he has his own bathroom accident?

The Phantom Snotter: Billy Boss Whodunit #2

Billy Boss Whodunit 2 - The Phantom Snotter by S.M.Helbig

The Phantom Snotter by S.M. Helbig

A slimy booger ruins Billy’s calendar and his birthday plans. The Phantom Snotter strikes again. Boogers appear all over Billy’s room and worse still, the Boss House, but no matter what budding detective Billy does, he can’t catch the The Phantom Snotter and continue his birthday countdown. Join Billy Boss for another gross-humour sleuth story as he tracks clues and suspects in the Boss House. Can he catch the booger wiper before his birthday is ruined as well?

The Phantom Piddler: Billy Boss Whodunit #3

Billy Boss Whodunit 3 - The Phantom Piddler by S.M.Helbig

The Phantom Piddler by S.M. Helbig

A yellow puddle of pee surrounds the toilet. The Phantom Piddler strikes again. There’s a special reward offered, but catching the pee-criminal isn’t as easy as Billy expects. In a house of boys, finding the suspect who can’t aim straight should be simple, but there’s privacy rules to worry about. Plus, The Phantom Piddler is an expert at wetting the floor in secret. Join Billy Boss as he collects clues and narrows down his suspect list. Will Billy get the special reward he wants or will the Phantom Piddler get the better of him?

The Phantom Farter: Billy Boss Whodunit #4

Billy Boss Whodunit 4 - The Phantom Farter by S.M.Helbig

The Phantom Farter by S.M. Helbig

A disgusting fart destroys family time in the Boss House. Then meal time. Then TV time. The Phantom Farter strikes again and again. No family activity is off limits to their stench crimes and Billy’s had enough. The budding detective vows to catch the Phantom Farter and make them pay before they strike again. But in the crazy Boss House no sleuth quest is ever that simple. Join Billy Boss for another funny sleuth story as he collects gross clues and rules out his list of suspects. Will he catch the fart-criminal before his family is tortured by the horrid farts again or will the Phantom Farter win?

The Phantom Spitter: Billy Boss Whodunit #5

Bordered Billy Boss 5 The Phantom Spitter S.M.Helbig 250 x375

The Phantom Spitter by S.M. Helbig

Spit balls cover the Boss Family garden. The Phantom Spitter strikes again, but no one will own up to breaking the Boss House rules and spitting all over the lawn. Can Billy, the budding detective, catch the spit-criminal before the garden disappears under slimy froth?

The Phantom Jammer: Billy Boss Whodunit #6

Billy Boss 6 The Phantom Jammer S.M.Helbig 250x375

The Phantom Jammer by S.M. Helbig

Toe jam is stinking up the Boss House. The Phantom Jammer strikes again and Billy’s getting the blame. In the laundry. In the lounge. In the kitchen. The stench is always the same. Toe jam here. Toe jam there. Toe jam, toe jam everywhere. But, the more the budding detective tries to catch the stinky-foot owner, the more the Boss Family blames him! Can Billy catch the Phantom Jammer and clear his name once and for all or will the young sleuth’s quest fail?

The Phantom Puker: Billy Boss Whodunit #7

Billy Boss 7 The Phantom Puker S.M.Helbig 1200 x 1800

The Phantom Puker by S.M. Helbig

Yellow puke covers Billy’s hand but it’s not his. The Phantom Puker strikes again. First on the couch and then on the ground. It’s not safe to sit or walk anywhere in the Boss House. Someone is breaking the no-puke rule and won’t own up to it. Billy’s sure the puke criminal is one of his visiting cousins but how is he going to prove it? One thing’s for sure – there’s no way Billy Boss will let The Phantom Puker get away with it! Can Billy, the budding detective, solve the puke-clues and catch the puke-criminal before everyone else gets sick too?

The Phantom Waxer: Billy Boss Whodunit #8

Billy Boss 8 The Phantom Waxer S.M.Helbig 250x375

The Phantom Waxer by S.M. Helbig

The words EAT ME appear on Dad’s car, written in ear wax. The Phantom Waxer strikes again. On pillows, doors and the table too. Dad is furious and threatens to put everyone to bed without dinner unless someone owns up. Billy thinks it’s one of his gross cousins who are visiting from out of town, but can the budding detective catch the ear-wax criminal before dinner time? One thing’s for sure — no Phantom Waxer is going to stand between Billy and ice-cream, his favourite food!

The Phantom Scabber: Billy Boss Whodunit #9

Billy Boss 9 The Phantom Spitter S.M.Helbig 250x375

The Phantom Scabber by S.M. Helbig

Red scabs ruin Billy’s ice-cream sundae. The Phantom Scabber strikes again. Is it a prank or are they real? Billy doesn’t know, but the budding detective is going to find out. After all, the scab-criminal owes him a replacement treat. The only problem is, his gross cousins are leaving in a day and he’s sure one of them did it. Can he follow the clues and catch the Phantom Scabber in time or will he be short one sundae forever?

The Billy Boss Whodunit Series #1-9

S.M Helbig's Billy Boss Whodunit series is perfect for readers aged 7+ who love gross humour and detective stories. These nine weird weird tales are a unique mix of potty humour, family life and rule breakers being forced to come clean. Billy Boss is a budding detective who pits himself against those who leave gross body wastes, like snot or pee, around the home. The weird humour and funny rhymes in the Billy Boss Whodunit chapter books is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Young readers will race to the end of the stories and want to read the next book straight away.

The 9 book series will be released over Dec 2015 – March 2016 as eBooks on all major online platforms.

Themes: Family Life, Gross Humour, Potty Humour (Toilet Humour), Fairness, Coming Clean, Detective sleuthing

Age: Listeners Aged 4+ and Readers Aged 7+

Who Loves Billy Boss Whodunits?

  • Detective, private eye and sleuth story readers
  • Anyone who enjoys potty humour, gross humour, and anything to do with unexpected body wastes like poops, pee, snot, farts, spit, toe jam, puke, ear wax and scabs
  • Families who like reading family life stories together
  • Chapter book and series readers
  • Reluctant readers

What Kids Say About The Billy Boss Whodunit Series

“I loved the book the Phantom Bogger! I liked all of it. The cover is good, it made me laugh. I want to read all of them straight away but my dad won't let me. He is making me wait until tomorrow night for the next one.”

– Hana, 5.

What Adults Say About The Billy Boss Whodunit Series

“These books are terrific. The covers are great. They have a quirky sense of humour which makes for a good read. The repetition of phrases, sayings, greetings and responses is really good for this age group.”

– Heather, Retired Teacher

* Laughter Warning!*

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