Getting Hit In The Nuts Playing Cricket

My latest story series, Street Cricket Wars, starts with a reference to getting hit in the nuts playing cricket.

I know I will get some complaints over that, but I am known for my *weird humour* and throwing things in out of left field. And, what better analogy to pain than being hit in the nuts with a cricket ball!?

So, let's talk about this excruciating topic….

Fact #1: There is almost nothing more feared than being hit in the nuts in front of a crowd of mates

Every guy knows what it feels like and why no one wants to go down like a stack of cards like that. It can be one of the most embarrassing things ever. And let’s be honest, who wants to be falling to the ground with uncontrollable pain in front of the opposition that you need to look strong in front of? No one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing back yard street cricket or playing school cricket or playing at a local cricket club or in front of your country in international cricket. No man wants their crowning achievement for a game to be that of getting hit in the nuts.

Fact #2: Every male will experience the dreaded pain sometime in their life – even the famous

Unfortunately, there is one guy who is famous for exactly being hit in the nuts.

He is South African Batsman, Faf du Plessis is renowned for being the batsman most hit in the nuts by the cricket ball while playing international cricket.

He played as #3 order batsman for the Proteas in 2014. Faf du Plessis is no wimp, but he’s damn unlucky. So unlucky that he came up with an ultimate form of protection for himself – a custom made home-made box he calls “the beast”. He says it does the job and he can take any kind of fast ball knock to the nuts and won’t feel it now. He’s very good humoured about the nasty, dreaded thing of getting it in the nuts.

Check out Faf du Plessis video on protecting yourself  from being hit in the nuts playing cricket:

If you enjoyed listening to Faf du Plessis's little solution to one big, unlucky problem, then you might enjoy reading my Street Cricket Wars series.

Street Cricket Wars #1 Demanding The Ashes

I write *weird humor* and there are five books in the serial, each episode following teenager and cricket fanatic Fred Black as he tries to solve one almighty problem with the only thing he knows how to do well; cricket.

Fred thinks he can stop his School’s biggest bully with some clever deals and some quick batting moves and neat bowling tricks.

However, unlike Faf du Plessis who solved the problem of getting hit in the nuts, Fred Black just seems to get himself in more and more trouble.

You can check out the opening of Street Cricket Wars #1 called Demanding the Ashes here on Kindle. Use the “look inside” option to see how Fred compares school to being hit in the nuts.

Do you think it's a fair comparison or is Fred being tunnel visioned?

Happy batting!

– S.M. Helbig

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