S.M. Helbig’s Street Cricket Wars: The Complete Serial Released!

I'm proud to announce Street Cricket Wars The Complete Serial #1-5 by S.M. Helbig has been released!

I've released it as an early bird edition especially for those readers who hate cliff hangers and waiting for monthly instalments. Plus it is a lot cheaper than buying the episodes one by one.

Winning Back the Ashes The Complete Series #1-5

Description Of S.M. Helbig's Street Cricket Wars: The Complete Serial #1-5: Winning Back The Ashes

Cricket mad Fred Black is about to start high school but he has a huge problem on his hands. Evans – Selwood’s biggest bully who’s picked on Fred all primary school – will be going to the same high school next year. Fred and his best mate, Todd, come up with a crazy plan to stop the bullying for good. After all, cricket can solve anything. Can’t it? But life is never that simple for Fred. There’s a reason his dad calls him Trouble. And Trouble is definitely about to break loose. Worse trouble than being called names by the school bully. So much trouble it erupts into a street cricket war.

Will Fred be able to put all the trouble right, keep his Mum and Dad happy, as well as beat Evans and win the right to his real name back – or will he fail? Find out in S.M. Helbig’s Street Cricket Wars The Complete Serial Episodes #1-5.

Themes: Friendship, Bullying, Sports, Cricket

*Warning* – Contains classic S.M. Helbig “Weird Humor” moments based on The Ashes

Ages: Cricket lovers age 8 and up – great for Dads and sons to read together

For a limited time you I'm offering a free taste of the series – get yours now!

Happy reading!

– S.M. Helbig

Street Cricket Wars Starter Set

Free Download Street Cricket Wars Story Starter Set



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