S.M. Helbig December 2015 News

Billy Boss Whodunits #1-4 Topped the Amazon Bestseller Hot New Children's Release List!

The Billy Boss Whodunits series launch was a great success with all four books making the top spots in the Hot New children’s release lists for both Detective and Humorous categories on Amazon! 

Check out the 2015 Christmas Amazon Hot New Releases Children's List for Detectives!

#1 Hot New Release: Phantom Farter

#2 Hot New Release: Phantom Snotter

#3 Hot New Release: Phantom Piddler

Billy Boss Hot New Release Best Seller Status


The biggest kick for me was seeing Billy Boss Whodunit #1 in the series electronically shelved #2 in Best Sellers in Children's Mystery & Spy Stories between John Grisham's Theodore Boone and James Patterson's Confessions: The Murder of An Angel! Fun!

Best Sellers in Children's Mystery & Spy Stories



Billy Boss Whodunits To Launch in Paperback in 2016

I’ve had some great feedback on the books so far with numerous people requesting paperback copies after their children loving the eBooks so much. So watch this space! 🙂 

The free 2-book Billy Boss Whodunit Starter Set is available here:

 Get Billy Boss Whodunits 1&2 Free

Billy Boss Whodunit Starter Set


S.M. Helbig Ashes To Ashes Prequel Launch

I launched Ashes to Ashes – The Street Cricket Wars Prequel quietly along with the Billy Boss Whodunit series over Christmas 2015. It made it to #3 on the Aussie Amazon children’s sport category which was also great and got interest in the UK as well. All of this helped renew interest in Demanding The Ashes – Street Cricket Wars #1 and the Street Cricket Wars Compilation #1-5. 

Street Cricket Wars Prequel S.M.Helbig 250x375

The free 3-book starter set for Street Cricket Wars is available here:

Free Download Street Cricket Wars Story Starter Set

Street Cricket Wars Starter Set

Have a great week!

~ S.M. Helbig


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