The Complete Billy Boss Whodunit Series Is Now Live

The complete Billy Boss Whodunit detective series by S.M. Helbig is now live and available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and most other major eBooks sellers!

Check out the details of the new releases here:

            Bordered Billy Boss 5 The Phantom Spitter S.M.Helbig 250 x375  Billy Boss 6 The Phantom Jammer S.M.Helbig 250x375 Billy Boss 7 The Phantom Puker S.M.Helbig 1200 x 1800  Billy Boss 8 The Phantom Waxer S.M.Helbig 250x375 Billy Boss 9 The Phantom Spitter S.M.Helbig 250x375

Billy Boss Whodunit #5 – Phantom Spitter

Billy Boss Whodunit #6 – Phantom Jammer

Billy Boss Whodunit #7 – Phantom Puker

Billy Boss Whodunit #8 – Phantom Waxer

Billy Boss Whodunit #9 – Phantom Scabber


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