Throwing is Not Bowling!

Throwing Is Not Bowling!

In my series Street Cricket Wars the fact that throwing is not bowling becomes a pivotal issue to the plot.

Every cricketer, from young to old, knows that in cricket, throwing is not bowling. That is, they should know if they're worth anything on the field. But the fact is the worst cheats often walk the line of throwing/bowling to see what they can get away with.

In Street Cricket Wars the odds are totally against Fred Black to clear his name when the local umpire allows Fred’s arch nemesis to get away with illegal throwing even though every cricketer knows throwing is not bowling!

The Facts on Throwing vs Bowling

Basically, the difference  between throwing and bowling is that in throwing  the arm is bent whereas in bowling the arm must remain straight.

If it seems there is a fine line between throwing and bowling, it is only that bowlers are running so fast and turning their arm so quickly that the naked eye sometimes cannot discern the difference.

You can see the difference here clearly illustrated between throwing and bowling in this 1960s doco on this topic. Yes, the fine line between throwing and bowling has been an issue for over half a century at least. Probably longer!

It's Harder To Cheat Today In Cricket But That Doesn't Stop People

Since the introduction of cameras and video recording cricket games  throwing versus bowling has become less of an issue.  Particularly since the third umpire became involved. If you don’t know what the third umpire is, if the electronic video umpire.  Bowlers that once got away with throwing in the past, would stand no chance in 20th century cricket.

However, in backyard cricket, street cricket, even school or local cricket where there is no “third umpire” cheat-bowling is still an issue.

Winning Back the Ashes The Complete Series #1-5

Throwing vs Bowling in S.M. Helbig's Street Cricket Wars

In my series Street Cricket Wars, Fred is unlucky and faces a cheat bowler plus an incompetent umpire at the very moment he is batting for the most important things in his life.

The cricket matches are played on the street with a big green wheelie bin as the wickets and a neighbour as the only umpire.  Fred is in an uphill battle with everything at stake. Things look bleak  and it seems that he will not be able to win the match.  It will take him his team of his younger brothers and best mate Todd, playing the best cricket they have ever played in  their lives if  the rest of Fred’s school life isn’t going to be worse than miserable.

Winning Back The Ashes by S.M. Helbig

If you like backyard cricket,  of spending a summer day with your mates protecting a makeshift wicket  then my  Street Cricket Wars series may be just up your alley. It’s a book for cricket lovers of all ages and would be perfect father-son reading if you’re looking for a  cricket story to curl up with in winter.

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